Baltic LNG cluster

Cluster will help to gather and establish the critical mass of business to facilitate service, finance, technology and innovation for deploying LNG infrastructure, applying LNG as a fuel utilizing the Regions environmental challenges in to the business opportunities. Efficient and sustainable business network.

BSR blue corridor strategy

LNG infrastructure development and mobilization the critical mass of technology, business partnerships, and regulative authorities to implement LNG powered transport networks in BALTIC SEA REGION.

We will provide a model on how LNG infrastructure should be deployed in order to establish LNG powered transport corridors for Maritime; Road; Rail; Port equipment.

BSR lNG competence center

Establishment of Baltic Sea Region LNG Competence Center by gathering BSR based LNG competence, knowledge, training facilities and research infrastructure, providing collaboration and management model to enable joint service supply and project development.


Establishing value chain, technological concepts and business models in order to enable coastal communities to produce and supply Shipping and Port energy consumption. With LNG it is clean, with LBG sustainable, both together reliable clean energy source.

LNG bunkering map

LNG bunkering map will visualize bunkering infrastructure, technical capacities, distribution network and possibly bunkering prices. The geographical scope reflects involves all the countries the BSR programme area. It will also cover some adjusted areas in order to showcase linkages to other regions and existing LNG initiatives.


First LNG bunkering ship-to-ship by Coralius to Fure West

For the first time the Skangas’ Coralius bunkered LNG to a vessel. The operation took place on Northern Kattegat, between Denmark and Sweden.

Commissioning works commenced at KN‘S LNG reloading station

KN, has commenced the commissioning works at the LNG reloading station after a commissioning cargo was delivered to the station.

Spirit of British Columbia removed from service to undergo mid-life upgrade

Vessel will also be converted to operate on liquefied natural gas in Remontowa Ship Repair Yard in Gdańsk.

Go LNG Seminar - comparing theory with reality

Over 30 participants gathered in Trelleborg, to take part on 6th September in the annual Baltic Ports Conference.

Survey on LNG Value Chain Integration in the Baltic Sea Region

Go LNG project is pleased to launch the Survey on LNG VALUE CHAIN INTEGRATION IN THE BALTIC SEA REGION.

MAN Cryo to Supply LNG Bunkering for Swedegas

MAN Cryo has signed a contract with Swedegas to deliver an LNG bunkering facility within the Port of Gothenburg.

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