Baltic LNG cluster

Cluster will help to gather and establish the critical mass of business to facilitate service, finance, technology and innovation for deploying LNG infrastructure, applying LNG as a fuel utilizing the Regions environmental challenges in to the business opportunities. Efficient and sustainable business network.

BSR blue corridor strategy

LNG infrastructure development and mobilization the critical mass of technology, business partnerships, and regulative authorities to implement LNG powered transport networks in BALTIC SEA REGION.

We will provide a model on how LNG infrastructure should be deployed in order to establish LNG powered transport corridors for Maritime; Road; Rail; Port equipment.

BSR lNG competence center

Establishment of Baltic Sea Region LNG Competence Center by gathering BSR based LNG competence, knowledge, training facilities and research infrastructure, providing collaboration and management model to enable joint service supply and project development.


Establishing value chain, technological concepts and business models in order to enable coastal communities to produce and supply Shipping and Port energy consumption. With LNG it is clean, with LBG sustainable, both together reliable clean energy source.

LNG bunkering map

LNG bunkering map will visualize bunkering infrastructure, technical capacities, distribution network and possibly bunkering prices. The geographical scope reflects involves all the countries the BSR programme area. It will also cover some adjusted areas in order to showcase linkages to other regions and existing LNG initiatives.


Ahoy Trelleborg - Go LNG seminar

Go LNG project project is pleased to welcome you to Trelleborg for another Go LNG seminar, which will take place at Baltic Ports Conference 2017 in Trelleborg, Sweden!

Worlds most powerful LNG-ferry for Gotland

The launching of Rederi AB Gotland's new LNG ferry in China on Monday the 24th of July. This is the 2nd LNG ferry - MV THJELVAR

New German LNG fuelled research ship will feature Wärtsilä technology

The technology group Wärtsilä is to supply the engines for a new LNG fuelled research vessel being built for the German government.

LNG shipment for Klaipėda reloading station commissioning by Shell

Klaipėdos Nafta has completed an international procurement procedure for the supply of LNG by concluding a contract with Shell.

NextGen Link received financial support from the EU

NextGen Link -project has received financial support from the European Union via the CEF Transport programme.

DEME-d fit for dredging up the future!

Belgian company DEME and Finish corporation, Wärsilä joined forces to build, at 40 MW, the world’s most powerful LNG-fuelled dredger - Orion. The construction will be powered by Wärtsilä.

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