Cluster scope

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  Blystad Energy Management AS

Blystad Energy Management (BEM) focus on managing projects that require liquefied natural gas (LNG) as primary energy source, and use marine solutions to supply competitive power in emerging markets.

  Connect LNG

Connect LNG AS is an independent Norwegian technology provider of cost efficient jettyless solution for marine loading and bunkering of a variety of fluids. We offer a selection of services based on our unique experience, from delivery of turn-key floating loading systems, to in-depth understanding of niche energy markets.

  Fiskerstrand Verft AS

Fiskerstrand has competitive knowledge on projecting, planning and building of innovative vessel.

  Gasnor AS

Gasnor is a natural gas company with production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and sales of natural gas as its core business.


We are the leading supplier of biogas and processer of biodegradable waste fractions in the Nordic countries. We are developing the Nordic gas ecosystem purposefully and responsibly. We are building a gas filling station network that also serves heavy-duty vehicles in a sustained manner. Gasum is also the biggest distributor of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Nordic countries.

  Kanfer Shipping

Kanfer Shipping is a limited company with focus on small and medium scale LNG transportation and terminal solution.

  Liquiline LNG

Liquiline LNG is a gas technology company providing design, construction and consultancy services for small/mid scale LNG/LBG facilities. Expertise in ship bunkering and land based transport refuelling.

  LMG Marin AS

LMG Marin is one of Europe's leading naval architect and ship design houses, with a highly dedicated organization of skilled engineers and naval architects.

  Mitsubishi Turbochargers and Engines Europe

MTEE-N design and manufacture gas and diesel gensets for marine and land based power generation, as well as engines for marine propulsion. Since 1985 we have delivered power everywhere – aboard ships, offshore, for industrial purpose, backup power and emergency power.

  Moss Maritime

Moss Maritime provides leading technology and expertise within design and engineering services to the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sector.


Norconsult is a Norwegian independent, multi-discipline engineering company giving services to all types of engineering projects in all phases of a project life. This experience has given Norconsult an unique position and experience for project execution follow up as partner to our Clients team.

  Torgy Mek. Industries

Torgy delivers turnkey solutions for shipping and land based industry.