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BPO Baltic Ports Organization, BPO Secretariat: c/o Actia Forum Ltd,

Company address PuĊ‚askiego 8
Phone number +48586272193
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Title in national Cluster Member
Company description The Baltic Ports Organization is a regional ports organization inspiring and supporting its members while cooperating pro-actively with relevant partners. BPO was established on October 10, 1991, in Copenhagen, with an aim to facilitate cooperation among the ports and to monitor and improve the possibilities for shipping in the Baltic Sea region.
Development over the past years has proceeded very quickly and at present BPO has entered new, challenging and exciting phases. Currently, included in BPO are 41 of the most significant ports in the nine countries surrounding the Baltic Sea as well as seven friendship members. BPO is well-recognized within the BSR, in EU bodies and other European regions.
The organization's mission is to contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainable development of maritime transport and the port industry in the Baltic Sea region, thereby strengthening its global competitiveness.
LNG Competence description BPO is a member of the project 'LNG Value Chain for Clean Shipping, Green Ports and Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region (GoLNG)'
Baltic Ports Organization is responsible for the dissemination of the project results among the stakeholders representing maritime sector, especially the maritime ports of the Baltic Sea Region.