Alexela Energia the first to buy gas from GETBaltic

From 1st July, the market areas established by UAB GET Baltic in Latvia and Estonia began their operations. Alexela Energia, was the first gas purchaser in Estonia.

Alexela Energia, a company of Alexela Group, is the largest energy distributor based in Estonia. Andreas Laane, Chairman of the Management Board of Alexela Group,: "From now on, gas buyers and sellers have a clear market for trading, which ultimately reach consumers at better price".

Since July GetBaltic significantly simplified the operation of its stock market allowing all Baltic energy wholesalers and buyers to make direct propositions to each other. "While earlier the prerequisite was a whole gauntlet of red tape, then now direct transactions can take place in moments and between all market participants," explained Andreas Laane.

The next important milestone will lead to a genuine opening up of the gas market. "For example, there is no point for Gazprom to sell gas in the Baltics at different prices as the company with the most favorable contract can now sell it across the Baltic countries", Andreas Laane described.

"While at present there are two alternative supply points on the Baltic gas market - pipeline connections with Russia and the Klaipeda LNG terminal in Lithuania - then in the next few years, the picture will become more varied as the Balticconnector undersea gas pipeline to Finland and a gas connection between Lithuania and Poland will be finished. In addition to these improved connections, many LNG terminals on the Baltic Sea will definitely start offering new gas supplies under the leadership of the Paldiski LNG terminal", said Andreas Laane.

Source and more information: Alexela Energia