BW Magna docked at the Brazilian Acu port

BW Magna has finally arrived to serve Brazilian LNG plant project at Acu port.

BW Magna has been waiting offshore to get a permission to dock at the newly built terminal at Acu port since January.

The FSRU vessel will be moored alongside the Acu port terminal for 23 years in order to support the largest greenfield LNG project in Latin America.

BW Magna's main task is to regasify and provide natural gas at GNA thermoelectric plants. These thermoelectric plants will be able to provide electricity about 14 million homes.

FSRU's is able to regasify more than 1,000 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day. It is enough to provide natural gas to two thermoelectric plants. GNA's thermoelectric plants are generating electricity by burning natural gas. These two power plants are capable to generate 3,000 MW combined.

The developers of this project are BP, Siemens, EIG, Prumo Logistica. Klaipeda Nafta (KN) became an operator of LNG terminal at Acu port in 2020 and is responsible for operating the LNG Terminal, maintain technical and commercial operations of the installation on the quay and on it, gas pipeline and gas metering stations. The contract for KN is concluded for a period of 13 years.

A licensed was gained by developers of the project to double production of energy to as much as 6,4 GW of available capacity.

GNA stated that whole investment to the project should exceed 1,7 $ billion by 2023 when the second power plant is planned to start.

Source of information and photo courtesy: KN, GNA