Cornelissen Groep with new LNG trucks

On Friday, December 16th, 2016 Cornelissen Transport has bought three new Iveco Stralis NP LNG tractors. The fuel LNG fleet is not new to Cornelissen Transport. For several years 23 LNG trucks are used daily for distribution under the branches of Albert Heijn and Kruidvat.

The Iveco Stralis NP trucks are equipped with two tanks for LNG. Thanks to the silent natural gas engine, it is possible to supply stores even in the city centers. In addition, the LNG truck offers a significant reduction in CO2 and NOx.

The LNG trucks are used for distribution for Albert Heijn supermarket chain; the use of trucks on LNG fits well with the core values Cornelissen Transport covering Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Source and more information: CORNELISSEN Groep