Cryonorm to build two LNG fueling stations for Liqvis

Cryonorm receives order from LIQVIS Germany, a subsidiary of UNIPER, to install two public LNG Fueling Stations in Germany.

The order consists of turnkey supplied public LNG Fueling Stations, fully shop pre-fabricated and transportable design are key factors in favor of the latest developed systems.

Each station is provided with dual dispensers and could refuel up to 100 vehicles per day, furthermore the stations are equipped with the proven Cryonorm saturation on the fly unit and data transfer module based on GSM 3/4G Ethernet in order to access the control system from remote.

Cryonorm Systems will engineer, fabricate and install the stations. "This is a milestone for both companies" says Jos Glorie, business development director at Cryonorm Systems.

Cryonorm is a leading supplier of turn-key small and mid-scale LNG Systems. The LNG systems are developed to customer requirements and will meet the international standards as well as the applicable regulations. Our scope ranges from project design, manufacturing and detailed engineering to installation and commissioning of complete LNG systems.

As a subsidiary of the international energy company Uniper, Liqvis is building a demand-driven infrastructure for LNG in commercial transport. Uniper is active worldwide with approximately 13,000 employees and operations in Europe, Russia and numerous other markets. The company operates power plants with an installed capacity of approximately 40 gigawatts and creates new relations between global energy markets through their commercial activities, with direct access to LNG resources. Liqvis opened the first LNG fueling station in Germany at Ulm in June 2016.

Source and more information: Cryonorm