Establishment of Baltic LNG Network

 The Project MarTech LNG is taking initiative to create a Baltic LNG network that aims to strengthen the future LNG supply chain in the Baltic Sea Region.

As a part of the activities in the EUSBR Flagship project “MarTech LNG,” the project group has organized a LNG-study trip to Stavanger, Norway. The participants of the study trip will be invited to join the LNG network which aims at creating a forum for mutual knowledge sharing and the possibility to engage in new business opportunities in connection with the establishment of a LNG infrastructure around the Baltic Sea.  
The MarTech LNG project have chosen to create the network as all of the participating partner countries (Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany and Poland) have experienced an increasing interest and demand from companies in the Baltic Sea Region (and Europe in general) for such a network with the possibility to knowledge share, and a possibility to coordinate an overall consensus that could improve an economical sustainable establishment of the LNG infrastructure in the region.
The approximately 50 Baltic and international participating companies, authorities and knowledge institutions will be invited to participate in the network during the study trip, which will see the participants sailing with the worlds largest LNG ferry, Fjordlines’ MS Stavangerfjord from Hirtshals to Stavanger. In Norway the group will be visiting SKANGASS LNG terminal in Risavika Habour.
Project manager at the Maritime Development Center of Europe, Charlotte Vinding, tells: “It is a pleasure that so many SMV’s are participating in this trip, since it is the SMV’s that we have in focus when we are talking about growth around the Baltic Sea. The study trip is a unique opportunity to bring the future LNG supply chain closer together and in this respect it is important to involve SMV’s in relation to the establishment of the LNG terminals in the Baltic Sea Region.”
Charlotte Vinding is supported by the CEO of the Maritime Development Center of Europe, Steen Sabinsky, who adds ”The goal of the project is to visualise and strengthen the LNG supply chain in the Baltic Sea Region, and secure a sharing of knowledge to the countries, which are establishing LNG terminals in the region at the moment. A LNG supply chain and a well developed infrastructure are essential to make LNG a plausible alternative to fossil fuels in the future, and this is exactly what this new network is focusing on.”

The MarTech LNG project group will after the completion of the study trip facilitate a line of lectures on LNG related topics for the members of the network and other interested companies, educational institutions and authorities, which will tour around the Baltic Sea Region during 2014 with topics such as “Business opportunities & LNG” and “LNG & Public Perception”.
The network is open for all, and should you be interested in participating in the future activities please do not hesitate to contact project manager Charlotte Vinding at
MarTech LNG - Marine Competence, Technology and Knowledge Transfer for LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) in the South Baltic Sea Region
EU has set up some very ambitious goals for cleaner shipping, which have to be fulfilled before 2015. LNG is a suggestion on a fuel which can fulfill the demands, but the infrastructure and availability of LNG have to be strengthened in the Baltic Sea.
The goal of the MarTech LNG project is to transfer thoroughly tested LNG knowledge and technology to the southern Baltic Sea countries together with promoting and connecting the necessary supply chain for establishing a LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea.