First LNG bunkering operation of Balearia’s Mama ferry

Balearia’s Mama ferry is the 5th LNG powered vessel which has joined the LNG powered fleet. Balearia’s LNG fleet is growing fast and Mama ferry is the 5th vessel. Company’s main aim is to reduce emissions. Balearia is expecting to expand its LNG-powered fleet to 7 LNG powered vessels by the end of 2021.

Balearia's Mama ferry was bunkered with LNG by truck-to-ship method on June 8 and should begin operations in the Balearic Islands on 21 of June. This ferry is planned to cover a route between Barcelona and Ibiza during working days. In addition to this, the ferry is scheduled to cover a route between Denia, Ibiza and Palma on weekends.

This vessel has two cryogenic tanks of 140 cubic meters of LNG each. Balearia stated that it is able to sail up to 750 nautical miles.

Source photo courtesy: Balearia