Fjord Line contracted Liquiline for LNG ship bunkering terminal

Liquiline and Fjord Line have entered into a contract whereby Liquiline Europe AS will design, construct and commission an LNG ship bunkering terminal for Fjord Line AS at the Port of Hirtshals, Denmark.

Liquiline and Fjord Line are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into a contract for the construction of a dedicated LNG ship bunkering terminal in Denmark. The terminal will be constructed at the Port of Hirtshals, where Fjord Line on a daily basis arrives with one of its two LNG-fuelled cruise ferries MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord. This will be the first LNG ship bunkering terminal in Denmark.

The ship bunkering terminal will be of Liquiline-design, a LiquiStation® Bulk™ ST2FF type. The terminal will have an on-site storage tank with a gross volume of 500m3 and a bunkering solution having a bunkering capacity of upto 400m3 of LNG per hour. This design will enable Fjord Line to bunker its ships within two hours, which is the time that the cruise ferries are docked to the port. The ship bunkering terminal is expected to be operational in Q42014.

The two cruise ferries are trading between Norway and Denmark. They each have a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 600 cars, trucks and cargo. They are fitted with Rolls-Royce Marine gas engines. MS Stavangerfjord was commissioned and set in operation in July 2013. MS Bergensfjord was commissioned and set in operation in March 2014.

Dag Lilletvedt, CEO of Liquiline Group, says in a comment: "We are very pleased with this agreement with Fjord Line, since it is based on our new LNG ship bunkering terminal design. In Fjord Line we get a strong and innovative industrial partner, being in the forefront of using LNG as bunker fuel in their new cruise ferries".

Gert Balling, Director of Fjord Line, stated that "Fjord Line is very much looking forward to have this LNG ship bunkering terminal from Liquiline established. It will enable us to bunker our ships quickly and give us the possibility to make use of this terminal commercially".

About Liquiline (

Liquiline is an independent LNG Midstream company providing LNG fuel solutions for companies in the shipping, transport, process and power production industries. Liquiline is considered a leading specialist within its niche of the LNG value chain, a position it has earned through continuous focus on innovative technologies, flexible solutions and reliable services. The company acts as an LNG fuel solutions partner for its customers through LNG sourcing and logistics services and LNG terminal solutions. Liquiline is present in all major LNG markets, including Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Liquiline Group's head office is located in Bergen, Norway.

About Fjord Line (

Fjord Line is a modern shipping company that offers safe and comfortable transport between Norway and continental Europe.

In July 2013, MS Stavangerfjord, the first of Fjord Line’s two new cruise ferries, went into service, and was followed by MS Bergensfjord on March 9 this year. The ships are sailing on the lines between Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals as well as Hirtshals and Langesund. Fjord Line offers departures every day, all year round on those lines.

The ship that previously sailed between western Norway and the Denmark is currently being remodelled, and is to be used on a new line between Sandefjord, Norway and Strömstad, Sweden. That ship is being named MS Oslofjord, and is to have two round trips per day, all year. During the spring and summer, Fjord Line also operates the high-speed catamaran HSC Fjord Cat between the south Norway town of Kristiansand and Hirtshals. In addition to transporting passengers, Fjord Line also has ample capacity for all types of commercial vehicles and freight. Those services are handled by the line’s cargo units in Norway and Denmark.

Fjord Line was founded in 1993 and has roughly 450 employees, of which 85 work on land in Bergen, Stavanger, Egersund, Langesund, Kristiansand and Hirtshals and 365 work at sea all year. The workforce increases between April and September by about 80 employees. The number of seagoing staff will increase this year to about 510 people in the high season.

Fjord Line has a bond listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Ingvald Fardal has been CEO of Fjord Line since 2007.