Fjordline will build two new LNG powered cruise ferries

Fjord Line has started an exciting journey. Two brand new cruise ferries, MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord, will be ready to accommodate our passengers from May 2013.
The new ships have deadweight of 3,900 tons and a total length of 170 meters. Each ship will offer 306 cabins, many of which will be suites, and will accommodate 1,500 passengers. The cargo decks will have capacity for 600 personal vehicles or a smaller number in combination with larger trucks and cargo.
It will be a completely new concept, with daily departures from each port at the same time, larger ships with modern facilities of all kinds, a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, shopping and all-new entertainment concepts.
With its new cruise ferries, Fjord Line is taking a ground-breaking step to reduce emissions and protect the environment.
Both ships will be powered solely by liquefied natural gas (LNG) instead of heavy fuel oil. This means we can offer the greenest sea routes between Norway and the EU. LNG contains no sulfur or heavy metals. It reduces CO2 emissions by 20-30 percent and emissions of NOx by around 90 percent compared to heavy fuel oil.

Our two new cruise ferries, MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord, were both designed and built to be operated using LNG instead of heavy fuel oil from the beginning. Other shipping companies base gas operation of their vessels on dual fuel engines, which allow the ships to run on LNG, in addition to conventional diesel fuel. We are going a step further by using a single LNG engine, which means the ship will use only the most environmentally friendly fuel. By using only LNG as fuel, the environmental improvement will be significant, both along the coasts and in the harbors where the cruise ferries will operate.

Fjord Line has chosen Rolls-Royce as the supplier of the LNG engines. This is a well-proven technology, produced in Norway, which has been used on a number of ferries and ships used in the offshore industry. When MS Stavangerfjord is put in operation in 2013, it will be the first and largest cruise ferry in the world to sail with a single LNG engine.
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