GoLNG Biogas Liquefaction Study visit in North Ireland

Cryopur and Greenville Energy in Omagh, N. Ireland has invited for a study visit to a potential technology for Biogas liquefaction in full scale operation since January 2018.

In January 2018, Cryo Pur commissioned the first commercial plant transforming biogas into bio-LNG on a farm, at the site of Greenville Energy in Northern Ireland.
Since then, the plant has produced bio-LNG continuously and provides local industrial customers with green power and heat, as well as liquid CO2 for industrial use. The unit has a capacity of 3 tpd of bio-LNG (300 Nm3 of raw biogas).

The Cryo Pur technology combines cryogenic upgrading with biomethane liquefaction and production of liquid CO2.

The Greenville Energy project opens the way for efficient bio-LNG production at many biogas sites, not only large ones, looking for options to monetize biomethane.
It is a significant milestone in the journey to increase the availability of bio-LNG, a clean and renewable fuel for trucks.



Where and When

21-22 November, Omagh, North Ireland