Is LNG the right solution to meet the Global Sulphur Cap?

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is one of the solutions offered to the maritime industry to cope with the upcoming Global Sulfur Cap 2020. Work to establish both a maritime and a land based LNG infrastructure has been undertaken worldwide, but the questions still remain, if the LNG supply & demand is aligned, if the infrastructure is sufficiently developed, and if so, how do we support the LNG supply chain in order to boost the LNG business?


During the workshop and LNG Supply Chain training session, the participants were esposed to presentations form industries representing the entire LNG value chain: infrastructure developers, distributors and end-users from both Land and Sea. The conclusions were that the nessesary infrastructure at sea is here and still developing and that the land based infrastructure is closely following with companies like Volvo and gas distributors being ready to roll out the land based infrastructure and vehicules in the years to come.


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