Kosan Crisplant joins steering committee of GO LNG Denmark

Bo Larsen, Commercial Director of Kosan Crisplant, has joined the steering committee of GO LNG Denmark. Go LNG Denmark, part of Baltic LNG Cluster, is a network established to connect and promote sustainable growth in Danish companies offering and using LNG services, knowledge and technologies.

Bo Larsen's new role in the project rides on the back of Kosan Crisplant's and KC LNG's engagements in developing the region's LNG infrastructure through the Nordliq (Nordic Liquefaction) partnership.

"Increasing the use of LNG as fuel for ships and trucks is a vital step towards a greener, more sustainable shipping industry. LNG is the most climate-friendly fossil fuel available, with very low harmful emission levels, and I am thankful for the chance to be a part of this important project to promote its use," Bo Larsen says.

Kosan Crisplant is a project-oriented corporation that supplies equipment, plants and systems for filling and maintenance of LP gas cylinders and offers after-sales and engineering services, facility management, and supply of components for the gas industry. Kosan Crisplant is part of MAKEEN Energy.

Source and more information: Makeen Energy