LNG from Poland to Estonia

LNG from LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie is loaded onto tankers and transported by road to Estonia. It is used as fuel for ferries built in 2015 in the Polish shipyard in Gdansk.

Depending on the contract, within 12 hours a dozen tanker trucks are leaving to various locations each day. While car fleet transporting LNG to Estonia counts from a few to maximum dozen to a maximum over a dozen per week.

- Loading is done on the basis of previously agreed schedules - explains Tomasz Pietrasieński, a spokesman of the company GAZ-SYSTEM.

The average loading time is about an hour. Tankers leaving the terminal must overcome about 1600 kilometers. The reason why customer choose LNG from the Swinoujscie terminal is a high quality fuel.

Source and more information: GAZ-SYSTEM