“LNG Maritime Training” in Malmö, Sweden

 Project MarTech LNG is organizing the LNG Martime training in Malmo Sweden. Training prepared by Klaipeda Shipping research Center and Maritime University of Szczecin takes 2 days and provides theoretical and practical knowledge on LNG . The practical training is provided on full mission ship handling simulator. In case of lack such a simulator. In terms of audience training is targeting Maritime and Port operation personnel. The topics are covering all major aspects of LNG in the maritime sector that includes:   

1.       LNG – general knowledge
          Origin of natural gas
          The natural gas composition
          Physics of natural gas
          Gas rules
          Methods of natural gas liquefaction and treatment process
          Methods of regasification
2.       LNG fuel tank operations
          LNG operations – sequence
          Final inspection
          Purging / Gassing up operations
          Cool down fuel tanks
3.       Safe practices procedures
          Atmosphere evaluation in potential hazardous areas
          Atmosphere evaluation in LNG fuel compartment adjacent spaces
          Atmosphere evaluation before entering enclosed spaces
          Atmosphere evaluation in accommodation areas
          Atmosphere evaluation in spaces above LNG fuel tanks and systems compartments
          Atmosphere control procedures in accommodation spaces in case of LNG fuel gas uncontrolled release
          Atmosphere control procedures in accommodation spaces in case of LNG fuel gas controlled pressure release
4.       Emergency procedures
          Principal hazards familiarization
          Fire protection and fire extinguishing
          Sprinkling firefighting systems on DF-DE vessels
          Dry-Powder firefighting systems on DF-DE vessels
          LNG Firefighting techniques