LNG train starts test in Spain

Spanish Ministers of Development and Energy officially launch the beginning of the railway traction tests with liquefied natural gas (LNG), the first in the world in the passenger rail sector.

The project, led by Renfe together with Gas Natural Fenosa and Enagás, and in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, is to verify the viability of a solution with potential environmental and economic advantages for the traffics currently being developed with diesel traction in Spain.

The project is part of the decarbonisation and energy efficiency plan in which Renfe and Adif are working and in the strategy to promote the Vehicle with Alternative Energies (VEA) in Spain 2014-2020, in line with the object and scope of application of the Directive 2014/94 on the implementation of an infrastructure for alternative fuels in Europe. The decarbonisation and energy efficiency plan for rail transport, the most sustainable in absolute terms, is key to improving the overall transport system in Spain from the environmental and energy point of view.

Source and more information: Renfe