MarTech LNG in Houston

Project MarTech LNG will be promoting more than 180 stakeholders from the South Baltic Sea region in the international expo LNG 17 to be held in Houston.
About LNG 17
The LNG series of events are considered to be the premier global LNG events, and this is the ONLY event conducted specifically by the LNG industry for the LNG industry. LNG 17 will be the biggest global gas event to take place this year, and the next International Gas Union event, attracting decision makers and gas industry experts from all over the world.
A record number of over 5,000 industry professionals from over 80 countries are expected to attend, and the record-setting exhibition of 200,000 square foot will be the largest of its kind, attracting thousands of trade visitors.
We hope to create new business contacts that will facilitate entrepreneurial activity for our stakeholders and foster LNG infrastructural development for our region. The report on this activity will be public shortly after the event.
MarTech LNG Team