MarTech LNG will draw strategic guidelines for green shipping

"MarTech LNG" has been given the status of a project-flagship. The goal of this project is to create a liquefied natural gas (LNG) value chain by creating the conditions for the business of the Southern Baltic region to participate in the development of the LNG infrastructure development and LNG usage projects related to shipping, energetics, transport and stevedoring.
The project includes assistance for businesses in acquiring the needed competencies and technologies, which will open the ways for the regional business to participate in LNG projects, as well as increase their competitiveness. The project has been acknowledged as strategic in one of the priority areas of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region "PA Ship". This area emphasizes the development of green shipping in the Baltic Sea Region, by establishing this region as a model, where the new maritime environmental provisions would be implemented.
 "The granted status gives this project an exceptional political recognition, while the KSTP, as the leader of the project and project partners, receives huge responsibility. The results of the project will have a direct effect on the activities planned in the field of green shipping. Now, like never before, it is important to concentrate the state, scientific and business institutions in order to implement the goals to improve the ecologic state of the Baltic Sea, as well as to introduce modern and environmental-friendly technological solutions for shipping. The work ahead is very intensive, because the new directives for ships will be made effective after a couple of years." - said the director of the KSTP Roma Stubrienė.
As of 2015 all types of ships in the Baltic and Northern Sea, as well as the English channel, and as of 2020 - passenger ships in all the ports of the European Union will have to use fuels with lower sulfur levels. The requirement is that the quantity of sulfur compounds in marine fuels would be lowered ten times - to 0.1 %. The implementation of this requirement is a challenge for the marine sector of the Baltic Sea Region, however it is expected that this will encourage the development of cleaner and environmental-friendly products for this sector. According to scientists, shipping in the Baltic Sea Region is the most intensive in the world. Currently there are about 2000 ships navigating simultaneously in the Baltic Sea.
Together with partners KSTP is working on the project "MarTech LNG" since 2011. For the project the park has gathered 8 partners and 20 associated organizations, which support the development of a competitive business and science cooperation environment, which will help to implement the LNG projects that will contribute to ensuring the energy independence of the region. The goal of the project - to create a better access to the LNG technologies and knowledge related to business activity, as well as to develop competencies and specializations in the chain of maritime industry and business.
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