MT LNG has organized LNG Distribution Seminars in the Ports of Frederikshavn and Esbjerg

The Port of Frederikshavn and the Port of Esbjerg opened their doors hosting 2 LNG Seminars focusing on different types of LNG Bunkering Solutions. "We would like to take the discussion of the LNG infrastructure to the next level. By hosting these seminars, the project MarTech LNG would like to show existing, functional examples of LNG Bunkering solutions suited to different needs, while at the same time presenting the financial aspect of the solutions, says Charlotte Vinding, Project Manager of the MarTech LNG project.
The agenda featured experts representing the entire palette of the LNG scene and included presentations on LNG Bunkering solutions, regulatory challenges when establishing the LNG infrastructure and also the economic aspect of an LNG investment.

"It was an excellent seminar, and our ideas and plans with LNG look completely different now, as new solutions on how to move forward, were presented during the seminar. We believe that both LNG - being the “new” type of fuel - and the conventional fuel types such as HFO and MGO will all be part of the future bunker market, and it is important that the ports can provide several types of solutions" says Mikkel Sørensen, CEO of the Port of Frederikshavn.

Both in Frederikshavn and in Esbjerg, it was a receptive and interested audience asking many, relevant questions, which triggered good discussions and exchanges of experiences. Allan Christensen from, says;" LNG is a complex matter, but the speakers at this seminar were extremely professional and demonstrated great knowledge of LNG technicalities. Also the presentation on the safety aspects of LNG was very informative. I learned a lot about the LNG solutions and challenges, all useful information, which I can use in the future. In particular, the small bunkering solutions presented by Liquiline with portable tanks were of great interest to me." says Allan Christensen from

"The interest in these seminars shows that the market is about to be ready, and the focus from the Danish maritime stakeholders, such as ports, producers, authorities and shipowners is on how to establish the LNG infrastructure adapted to the needs of the Danish maritime industry" said Torine Lie from Liquiline Europe. "The small scale bunkering solution meets the need of the maritime sector for a cost effective fuelling solution, which it is possible to establish today, thus getting started with LNG as fuel for ships. The 2015 Sox Regulations are imminent and the solutions are here and they are available, "finishes Torine Lie from Liquiline Europe.
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Photography and text by Shøle B. Offenbach




The port management plans and view of LNG in the harbor, existing and future operators in the port
Speaker: Mikkel Sørensen, Frederikshavn Harbour (13th of May 2014)
Speaker: Kjeld Dahl Sørensen, Esbjerg Harbour (14th of May 2014)

The economic aspect

LNG conversion
Speaker: Stein Ruben Larsen, Rolls Royce

The economic aspect - Gas prices today and going forward, wholesale and impact on retail prices for LNG as bunkering fuel
Speaker: Karen Sund, Sund Energy

Regulatory requirements

Risk management for LNG terminal development
Speaker: Johan Gärdin, DNVGL

The approval process for bunkering
Speaker: Benny Nybroe, DMA

Participation from a shipping company using LNG and their view & experience
Speaker: Jens P. Buckhave, TernTank (Frederikshavn, 13th of May 2014)
Speaker: Tommy Sandtorv, Eidesvik (Esbjerg, 14th of May)