NextGen Link received financial support from the EU

NextGen Link -project has received financial support from the European Union via the CEF Transport programme. Project upgrades an existing maritime link to cross the Baltic Sea from Finland to Sweden in the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor and develops green shipping and port interconnections.

Upgrade of the maritime link includes the environmental upgrade with a new sustainable LNG powered ro-pax vessel and the infrastructure development in ports. The Port of Turku coordinates the project. The project also includes from Finland Viking Line and Mariehamns Hamn, and Stockholms Hamnar from Sweden.

The development of port infrastructure includes investments in the ports in order to accommodate the new larger vessel and to handle efficiently the increased cargo and passenger capacity.

The Port of Turku is investing in the development of the logistics and services in the port area, including a new parking hall and control equipment of trucks. Improving vessel traffic services is also under study.

NextGen Link project (1 January 2017 – 30 June 2020)

The project will update the existing sea connection between the ports of Turku, Mariehamn and Stockholm. The updating of the sea route includes a new passenger and car ferry (ro-pax), additional environmental investments and port investments to meet the needs of a new larger vessel and the growing cargo and passenger volume.

The project partners are the Port of Turku, Viking Line and the Port of Mariehamn from Finland, and the Port of Stockholm from Sweden.

The key goals of the project:

Improve the sustainability and environmental soundness of maritime traffic
Enhance the movement of passengers and cargo between Finland and Sweden
Promote the demand for alternative fuels in the Baltic Sea region.
Port of Turku’s role in the project:

Act as the co-ordinator of the project
Develop the port area logistics regarding a new indoor car park and measurement equipment for trucks
Automate the mooring and unmooring of the ship.

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Source and more information: Port of Turku