Port of Civitavecchia and LNGEurope Join Efforts on LNG “Truck to Ship” Bunkering

Friday May 16, 2014: The Port of Civitavecchia has taken the lead on LNG bunkering, promoted by the ConferenzaGNL, and in assistance with the Dutch company LNGEurope B.V., in granting the fist LNG bunkering operation permit at the port of Civitavecchia. This is the first time ever that an Italian port has given permission for LNG TtS Bunkering.

After bunkering the world first LNG-powered tug in Zeebrugge, the world’s second LNG-powered sea going tug, the Bokn of Buksér og Berging AS, was bunkered by LNGEurope at the Port of Civitavecchia (Rome) on Friday May 16th 2014. The Port of Civitavecchia has become the first port to perform Truck to Ship bunkering of LNG to a seagoing vessel within an Italian coastal port or any port in Italy and this part of the Mediterranean.