Pre-Qualification for the purchase of LNG solution for Samsoe Ferry launched.

 The new ferry operating between Samsoe and Hou in Jutland will be the first Danish, domestic ferry to be powered by LNG. This makes it a ground braking development for Danish Short Sea Shipping. But one question remains; how will the bunkering solution for the ferry be resolved?

Charlotte Vinding (MDCE, project manager of the project MarTech LNG,) hopes that the question will be answered by the interested suppliers responding to the pre-qualification notice. As part of the project MarTech LNG, she is responsible for the administrative part of the tender process that has just been launched in order to find the future supplier of the LNG solution for the new domestic Samsoe ferry.
”It will be truly interesting to see the proposals that the suppliers will deliver and to see which solution will be chosen in the end once the tender process is completed.” Charlotte Vinding tells. The pre-qualification asks for a turn-key solution which will enable bunkering daily at the harbor of Hou, Denmark. Furthermore the successful candidate will have to include the necessary installations to comply with the need of a daily bunkering in terms of possible storage/supply of LNG and the necessary training of the personnel handling the LNG on a daily basis.
”Currently we are in the pre-qualification period which will terminate on the 17th of February 2014. Immediately hereafter, the Municipality of Samsoe and their technical advisors will find the companies that will be invited to participate in the tender process it-self” says project manager Charlotte Vinding.
”One of our primary aims of the project MarTech LNG is to support the formation of a LNG supply chain in the Baltic Sea Region. We are thrilled to be part of this tender process and in this manner to be a part of the development of LNG powered shipping in the Baltic Sea.”
Charlotte Vinding adds: LNG is a business area of great potential as it is one of the fuels that complies with the future regulatory environmental demands entering into force on the 1st of January 2015. This date is now less than one year away and for LNG to become a real alternative for the shipping industry better infrastructure and a more established LNG supply chain in the Baltic Sea Region is needed. The establishment of a LNG-bunkering solution in connection with the Samsoe ferry is one step in the right direction.” says Charlotte Vinding
The project MarTech LNG is an EUSBR flag ship project involving partners form Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Germany.
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