The highest safety standards applied in LNG reloading station of KN

With commissioning works currently in progress at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution station built by KN (AB Klaipėdos nafta), a second LNG truck was accepted today for loading. LNG truck loading operations are in compliance with the highest fire fighting and work safety standards.

”The commissioning works involve several significant stages with one of the most important and the last stage being the LNG reloading to LNG trucks. Thus, we may conclude that the reloading to the first LNG truck was particularly smooth and shorter than expected. At every stage of the works we attach great importance to the safety of the terminal and its surroundings as well as fire safety. As a socially responsible company we consider this meticulous preparation a standard benchmark of our performance. The fire fighting system has been introduced and tested even before the commissioning works, with additional safety measures applied during the process of truck loading,” emphasized CEO of KN Mindaugas Jusius.

According to him, the fire fighting system at the LNG reloading station has been installed to cover the entire perimeter of the storage tank park. The system consists of the high expansion foam injection system protecting against intensive evaporation in case of a gas spill, and the fixed dry powder system covering the entire area in the event of fire. In addition, the system is equipped with fixed foam-water fire monitors used for firefighting on trucks or for cooling of metal structures. In addition, the terminal has the water curtain system to protect Burių Street against potential gas evaporation. Moreover, each time during the transhipment to LNG trucks a fire brigade is on duty. Such measures, though not mandatory, are taken to ensure maximum safety and are used by at the company’s initiative during commissioning works.

The LNG reloading station consists of five 1000 m3 storage tanks used for the storage of LNG. LNG is the cleanest fossil fuel used for maritime operations, road transport, cryogenic applications, and to supply remote consumers. LNG is non-corrosive, non-explosive, and non-toxic.

Source and more information: Klaipedos Nafta