The Limarko Group company is entering LNG distribution market

From the autumn of the year 2018 UAB Baltkonta will start to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation services. Klaipėda-based company, which belongs to the Limarko Group, is getting flagship status in this field as it is the first logistics company in Lithuania to enter LNG distribution market.

“Until now, we observed the situation when the companies operating in the energy sector were providing transportation services as well. But for sure there is a need for more logistics companies in the LNG market. Experienced people and their competencies may ensure a truly broad range of services related with the LNG transportation and transfer of gas", - emphasized CEO of UAB Limarko Vytautas Lygnugaris.

According to the Development Manager of the Klaipėda Science and Technology Park Andrius Sutnikas, who also coordinates the activities of the Lithuanian LNG Cluster, the involvement of specialized companies in the LNG market is of a great value: "LNG transportation is one of the main challenges striving for the faster development of LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea Region. Klaipėda-based company, which is entering the new market, will make a significant contribution to the development of the LNG distribution chain in our country and beyond. Investment in this field proves a far-sighted approach".

Request for special gas tank trailer production has already been submitted to the manufacturer in Germany. At the initial stage, one transport facility will be purchased, following an investment of EUR 400,000.

"The company carefully analyzed the situation in the. Today we have no doubt that the time is right and this step will open up a good prospect for our business", - said Kęstutis Kairys, CEO of UAB Baltkonta.