Titan LNG Doubles LNG Bunkering Speed

Titan LNG, one of the leading suppliers of LNG to the marine and industrial markets in North West Europe, has bunkered the Swedish M/T Fure West in Amsterdam on the 19th of May, using equipment that combines the flow from 2 trucks into 1 bunkering hose, the T-piece.

The T-piece makes the truck-to-ship bunkering process much more efficient, as it reduces the time required compared to sequential truck deliveries. The combined pumping rate reached 28 tons/hour. During the portcall six trucks in total were delivered using the T-piece.

“The T-Piece reduces the bunkering time for our vessel significantly, we look forward to have Titan LNG make it available in other ports as well.” Said Hans Lindgren, vessel operator, Furetank.

Lars Höglund, Managing Director of Furetank commented: “We really appreciate the efforts made by Titan LNG to deliver LNG to our ships. Quick and efficient bunkering operation is of the utmost importance to us. We look forward to continued cooperation with them in the future”.

The whole procedure was supported and surveyed by the Port of Amsterdam. “The procedure was permitted at the ‘Groene Kade’ LNG quay by the Port of Amsterdam Harbourmaster based on a quantitative risk assessment. We are very pleased to be the first port in the wider region that is able to approve the simultaneous discharging of 2 trucks. We welcome this advance in efficiency, which will hopefully further accelerate the transition to LNG as a marine fuel with the associated environmental benefits” Didier de Beaumont, Commercial Manager, Port of Amsterdam, commented.

Michael Schaap, Titan LNG, added after the test: “We are very happy with this result and the increase in the speed of bunkering process and thank our partners Nijman/Zeetank and AMS. Speed is important to reduce the downtime of the vessel so that LNG can compete every way with conventional bunker fuels. The T-piece is an important innovative step on the road to launching our FlexFueler bunkering pontoon next year.” 

Source and more information: Titan LNG