Customers can now also load LNG trucks at the Dunkirk LNG terminal

 Ship owners and haulage companies as well as remote industry increasingly choose Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as alternative low emission fuel. Their supply can now be sourced from the Dunkirk LNG terminal.

Following its commercial entry into service on June 1st, the newly commissioned truck loading bay at the Dunkirk LNG terminal offers a loading capacity of 3,000 slots per year.

Using the service is straightforward:

Customers can book loading slots online 24/7.

After an online training, drivers can fully autonomously load LNG in just one hour and 30 minutes thanks to a flow rate of 50 m3 per hour.

Juan Vazquez, CEO of Dunkerque LNG, said: "This project has successfully come to fruition through our collaboration with the Port of Dunkirk, one of our main partners in the development of this new service. With a capacity of almost 2,000 loading slots available between now and the end of the year, our first bay is ready to welcome customers!".

The increasing demand for cleaner energy in maritime and road transport as well as in the industrial sector has brought LNG to the forefront as an attractive alternative due to its low emission profile. As it goes, switching from heavy fuel oil, diesel, petroleum or coal to LNG not only reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions but also drastically cuts air pollution by virtually eliminating emissions of particulate matter and sulphur (SOx), and significantly reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as well.