Liqvis opens new LNG filling station in Kassel on the A7

April 24, 2020 marked the opening of a new Liqvis liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station for trucks in the central German city of Kassel. This is now Liqvis’s second permanent LNG filling station—with the first located in Grünheide near Berlin—and it will replace the mobile station that has been stationed in Kassel up until now. Liqvis is planning to relocate this now-superfluous mobile filling station from Kassel to Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia in order to meet rising demand and to expand the network of LNG refueling stations in the short term.

The new station will make refueling faster and more convenient for customers: two trucks can now be refueled at the same time, and in the future this could even be increased to four. The new station on the A7 freeway between the Kassel-Mitte interchange and the Kassel-Süd triangle (Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 9 in 34123 Lohfelden near Kassel) was built in just about four months and is now open 24 hours a day. Its prime location in the center of Germany makes the site a hotspot for long-haul heavy trucks, as previously demonstrated by the high demand for the mobile station.

In addition to the two permanent LNG filling stations already open in Kassel and Grünheide near Berlin, Liqvis is planning further projects in the coming months: An LNG filling station in Calais, northern France, is already under construction, and further stations in Rosengarten near Hamburg and Langenhagen near Hanover are currently in the process of being approved. Concrete plans are also in place for stations near Bönen on the Kamener interchange on the A2 (not far from the A1), near Ulm on the A8 (Esso station in Seligweiler), near Magdeburg (A2) and near Bad Honnef (A3).

Silvano Calcagno, Managing Director of Liqvis GmbH, says: “Thanks in no small part to the toll exemption in Germany, LNG has established itself as a fuel on the market over the last three years, which can be seen in the large increase in revenue at our filling stations over the past year. At Liqvis, we want transport companies to be able to plan the use of their vehicles as flexibly as possible. That’s why we’re continually working on expanding our network coverage. I am most confident that we will be able to open further stations in Germany and Europe over the course of this year. Refueling at the Kassel junction is now faster and more convenient in any case.”