KN calls for capacity booking at klaipeda LNG terminal

Applications from potential users of the LNG terminal may be submitted by May 24, 2021, 4:30 p.m. Lithuanian time.

Conversion completed on Norway's first LNG bunkering vessel

The vessel, which has been named Bergen LNG, will be operated by Bergen Tankers in supplying LNG to clients of local oil and gas company Gasnor.

Klaipėda LNG reloading station reaches two milestones

Reloading station operated by KN has reached double achievement: the 1000th LNG truck loading operation, as well as the 300th LNG truck loading for the Polish company PGNiG.

Reversing the trend with Bio-LNG

BioLNG can benefit from the existing LNG infrastructure.

Lithuania to start supplying LNG to Poland next year

Some of the LNG could be supplied via Poland to other markets, such as Ukraine.

Operail started building the first LNG freight locomotive

An Estonian state-owned railway compan yhas introduced the next chapter in the Estonian and Baltic railway sector by constructing the first LNG freight locomotive.

New Life of MAGDA I

The 2nd newsletter of the Liquid Energy is entirely devoted to the conversion of the Magda 1 boat from diesel to LNG.

Elenger helped Unda fish cannery switch to LNG

Unda canned fish factory abandoned the use of diesel fuels in its production operations and switched to the environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG). The supply solution was built by LNG sales leader in Baltics, Elenger, with a novel two-step approach.

LNG filling stations in Lithuania – one more step forward

Financing the installation of LNG filling points have made its way through the DNA plan of the future economy of Lithuania, approved by the Lithuanian Government, with 2.34 million euros of subsidies for the installation of at least 2 LNG refueling points on state main roads.

Gasum expanding the Nordic gas infrastructure, connecting the largest port in the Nordics with a new gas filling station serving heavy transport

The Nordic gas infrastructure expands in Sweden as Gasum opens a new gas filling station in Tuve, Gothenburg. The new station serves heavy-duty vehicles by providing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) as low-emission fuels. Developed in cooperation with Volvo, the station further enables the transition to cleaner energy sources in the road transport sector.

The world’s first LNG-fuelled research vessel ATAIR receives LNG in Gasum’s first truck-to-ship bunkering operation in Germany

On July 27th, the Nordic energy company Gasum has conducted the first truck-to-ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering operation in Germany. Gasum delivered LNG to the world’s first LNG-fueled research vessel ATAIR. ATAIR is currently under construction at Fassmer shipyard in Berne/Motzen in Germany.

Gasum strengthens its network of filling stations serving heavy-duty transport – customers can now fill up with gas in Lieto

Gasum strengthens its gas filling station network for heavy-duty transport with the opening of a new station in Lieto.

Usage of LNG for transport is emerging in Lithuania

The possibility of using LNG for transport is emerging in Lithuania! Such assumptions are provided due to changes in the State’s legal framework.

Gasum opened a new shipping fuel station at Ports of Stockholm

Gasum’s new bunkering station for liquefied gas was taken into use in mid-June. The station is located at Port of Nynäshamn, Sweden on the premises of Ports of Stockholm. The new station includes new bunkering solutions enabling ships to bunker environmentally friendly fuel faster than ever.

GEFO LNG-ready tanker launched

The first LNG-ready chemical tanker has been launched by China Merchants Jinling Shipyard for GEFO.

First LNG bunkering operation of Balearia’s Mama ferry

Balearia’s Mama ferry is the 5th LNG powered vessel which has joined the LNG powered fleet.

Towards more sustainable shipping: ESL Shipping first in Finland to use 100% renewable liquefied biogas in maritime transport

ESL Shipping, the leading carrier of dry bulk cargoes in the Baltic region, today announced that its vessel m/s Viikki was fueled in Raahe, Finland with 100% renewable liquefied biogas (LBG) to transport iron ore for the Swedish steel company SSAB.

BW Magna docked at the Brazilian Acu port

BW Magna has finally arrived to serve Brazilian LNG plant project at Acu port.

NGVA Europe comments on the European Environment Agency (EEA) publication ‘Monitoring CO2 emissions from passenger cars and vans in 2018’.

The challenge to decarbonize a complex system, like the mobility and transport one, asks for a clever combination of technologies.

Study on gas market upgrading and modernisation

Document identifies and elaborates exiting barriers and gaps that could be addressed in order to ensure optimal use of existing LNG terminals in the EU.

Orkla, Gasum and Volvo trucks enter into cooperation for lower transport emissions in Sweden

Orkla has set the goal for all its domestic transport in Sweden to be fossil-free by 2025.

Customers can now also load LNG trucks at the Dunkirk LNG terminal

the newly commissioned truck loading bay at the Dunkirk LNG terminal offers a loading capacity of 3,000 slots per year.

Biomethane is more than just hot air

Bio-LNG, liquefied biomethane and liquefied synthetic methane can replace LNG with no changes to existing systems.

Japanese space startup developing LNG-powered rocket

The small startup will use LNG for the main engine on its micro satellite launcher named Zero, currently under development.

World’s Biggest LNG Engine Approved for CMA CGM Megaships

The X92DF engine, developed by WinGD, is the most powerful two-stroke dual fuel engine ever built.

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and LNG Terminal Wilhelmshaven sign a contract to build and charter an LNG terminal ship

The FSRU constitutes the heart of the future terminal and will make it possible to offload, store and regasify LNG for the German market.

Polish consortium to decide on small-scale LNG terminal in Gdansk

The terminal would be the first such facility in Poland, which could help increase the use of LNG as a fuel in both maritime and road transport.

Online Course: LNG Key Trends and Challenges Ahead

Join the online event on 3 Jun 2020 - 4 Jun 2020, 09.00 – 13.00 CET!

Sweden’s Stena develops new LNG bunkering vessel concept

The concept named SAFE Bunker is an LNG bunker/feeder vessel with a capacity of 7,500 cubic meters in 2C type tanks.