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LNGi - the LNG Inteligence portal from DNV GL

The LNGi portal provides comprehensive insights on worldwide LNG bunkering availability and market data on LNG as fuel for ships.


LNG cold energy recovery system

LNG Bunkering facility

Fast bunkering system for LNG for Ferry. 15 min. bunkering for 24 hours sailing

From Field to Ferry biogas cooncept

The concept of replacing LNG with locally produced Liquefied Biomethane or Biogas/ LBG from biogas

Wärtsilä is a market leader in gas and multi-fuel engines, fuel systems, technology and services. We have the expertise and experience with an offering that covers the entire gas value chain - from exploration to end consumers – services and products for

Wärtsilä is a market leader in gas and multi-fuel engines, fuel systems, technology and services. We have the expertise and experience with an offering that covers the entire gas value chain - from exploration to end consumers – services and products for all phases of the LNG lifecycle.

Naval Architecture, marine engineering and energy optimisation consultancy

Consultancy services to operators and yards in relation to environmentally friendly vessel design both newbuildings and conversions alike. Concept development, feasibility studies and detailed design for sustainable sea transportation for roro, ropax and special vessels with LNG and hybrid propulsion systems.

Becker LNG Hybrid Barge

Becker Marine Systems developed the advanced LNG Hybrid Barge, an innovative solution for improving air quality at harbour cities by reducing emissions from cruise ships at port. The Becker LNG Hybrid Barge produces significantly lower emissions than the diesel engines used to generate power on board cruise ships.

LNG fuel systems for marine, road and rail transport; LNG ISO containers; storage tanks

Designing and producing complete LNG fuel systems for marine, road and rail transport, LNG ISO containers and different types of LNG storage tanks.

Floating Jettyless LNG transfer system

The UTS jettyless transfer system is a tool to transfer LNG (or any other fluid) between point A and B. It doesn’t matter whether the terminal is floating or onshore, we can connect to any terminal and ship with our jettyless loading system.

A self-propelled ATB barge

Two barges and a tug makes a complete solution. This is a transportation mode as well as a floating storage facility. Highly flexible, scalable, robust and with a lease/charter rate that will conquer the market.

Gas propulsion engines

Liquid natural gas (LNG) generator sets for power supply for ships, and are proud to have delivered the power generating systems for the worlds first gas electric car ferry, coast guard vessel and passenger ferries. With more than 13 years operating experience we are world leaders in this area.

Torgy’s IMO A LNG Containment System

The world’s first small scale, non-pressurised LNG containment. Our unique design allows tanks to be built into a large variety of shapes and sizes and is ideal for optimising tank capacity on board ships with the minimum impact on cargo capacity. In spite of their clear operational advantages, Torgy IMO A tanks remain cost competitive with all other tank technologies.

LNG Logistics LiquiSys®

LiquiSys is a remote monitoring solution for the LNG industry and provide web access to terminals and containers.


The LiquiTainer® is a patent pending storage and distribution system, developed and designed by Liquiline AS. TheLiquiTainer is a transportable storage vessel fitted in a standard 40’ or 20’ ISO frame with a high quality structure. This solution requires low cost site preparations.

Boil-off Gas Reliquefaction System

The patented Moss Reliquefaction System for LNG carriers handles the boil-off gas (BOG) from the ship’s LNG tanks and returns it in liquid form back to the tanks, enabling preservation of BOG during the ship's voyage. The system hence presents flexibility in operation, and also enables the choice of a wider range of propulsion systems.

FSRU and Regasification Systems

Moss Maritime has developed proprietary technology for LNG regasification systems for installation onboard FSRUs (Floating Storage and Regasification Units). Several designs for open loop and closed loop operation have been developed, in order to meet various project requirements.

Floating LNG Liquefaction Units (FLNG)

The Moss FLNG was developed based on experience gained from close to 35 years in the design of Moss LNG carriers. The Moss FLNG builds on the success of the Moss LNG carrier, using the same technology for LNG storage and proven industry technology for gas processing/liquefaction and offloading.

Moss Krylov Octabuoy® Classic Deep Draft Floater

The Octabuoy Classic is the ultimate semi-submersible able to serve as a dry tree unit even in harsh environmental conditions and to accommodate complete drilling facilities. It evolved from three decades of semi-submersible platform experience and is based on proven principles and technology. It is a deep draft floater, featuring a design suited specifically for dry wellheads and SCRs (steel catenary risers) and is a superior alternative to SPARs and TLPs.

Alternative Fuels Insight

The Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) platform provides the shipping industry with an open platform for evaluating the uptake of alternative fuels and technologies.

Approval finder

The tool gives you access to valid approvals of the following kind, whether they have been issued by DNV, by GL or by DNV GL.

LNG small scale terminal

The LNG reloading station (LNG RS) is an on-shore LNG terminal operated on a third-party access basis.

Liquid Inteligent Tank

The smart LNG shipping container project initiated by the cluster is targeted at developing better conditions for LNG distribution.

LNG hybrid shunting Locomotive

Klaipėda University, the member of LNG cluster. jointly with Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot (VLRD), AB Klaipėdos nafta and the partner Klaipėda Stevedoring Company BEGA have brought together their engineering and technology resources aimed at design and production of LNG-powered rail locomotive. This advanced transport would be used for internal logistics of freight wagons.


Lithuanian LNG cluster has gathered an international consortium in Klaipėda, which is currently developing a unique vessel for inland waters.

LNG for road transport

Along with the supplies of liquefied natural gas, we offer attractive terms and conditions for delivery of infrastructure required for the final use of the gas. LNG terminals offered by the company allow for regasifying liquid phase or fueling of vehicles/ships.

LNG bunker barge

Conceptual design of a 5000 m³ LNG Bunker Barge. This conceptual design is part of the European Project BlueChange

Small scale/ bunker LNG operation

KONGSBERG's integrated small-scale LNG solutions builds upon our position as the world's leading supplier of safety and automation systems to the offshore LNG value chain. It integrates existing expertise with new innovations for better analysis, recommendations and the optimisation of the gas management process. The result is enhanced efficiency, lower cost and more sustainable operations.

natural gas fuelled shallow draft pushboat

This challenging project is a preliminary design which utilized the proven shallow draft RApide 2800-Z2 pushboat that currently operates on the Amazon River system. The vessel design was modified to suit a complete LNG (liquified natural gas) propulsion system with two 746 kW MTU 8V4000M55R-N Tier III gas safe main engines. Additional to the engines, MTU also acts as the system integrator, which means that MTU will also provide the complete LNG package – LNG tank system and an integrated ship monitoring, LNG control and safety systems.

Bergen B gas engine

The B-gas engine’s design philosophy is to achieve increasingly stringent exhaust emission standards, industryleading electrical and heat recovery efficiency and high and dependable power levels to suit today’s and tomorrow’s applications