BSR Blue Corridor Strategy

The effective development of an LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region, as well as the accessibility of LNG to different transport and industry sectors, are inseparable parts of a clearly formulated strategic approach. The strategy that has been developed within the Go LNG framework includes different groups and the interests of consumers, while also providing a geographic, legal and economic development model.


Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences – acting as science & research partner in the GO LNG project is pleased to launch the Go LNG Survey on LNG VALUE CHAIN INTEGRATION IN THE BALTIC SEA REGION. This survey acts as a direct link towards Mapping LNG Users & Stakeholders Needs and Projecting Future LNG Development Perspectives in the Region.

The survey results will be examined, evaluated and presented to the GO LNG project stakeholders and followers in the upcoming project events. The report will showcase principal needs, challenges, opportunities and potential future directions related to LNG development and LNG business models. All participants will be provided with the evaluation report on the LNG Value Chain Integration in the Baltic Sea Region.

It takes you around 15 minutes to complete this questionnaire.
Your response will facilitate sustainable establishment and development of clean shipping, improved human health and protected natural environment in the BSR and adjacent regions.
Thank you for your time and feedback!
Please note: We will not disclose any sensitive organisational or personal data provided by you to any third party. Data collected will be analysed in an aggregated form anonymously.



The survey can be accessible under the link:

The Survey running time is 12.02.2018 - 30.04.2018