Cluster scope

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  AGA Gas AB

AGA is a member of The Linde Group and a leading gas company in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company offers a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases as well as chemicals, and is the partner of choice across a huge variety of industries.

  Barents Naturgass Sweden AB

Barents NaturGass leases containers from Broadview Energy Solutions and collaborates on technical and practical solutions for LNG supplies, as well as safety and emergency preparedness. Broadview Energy Solutions has agreements to purchase LNG with various LNG manufacturers in Europe that ensure delivery and price security for the customers.

  Mann Teknik AB

MannTek, Mann Teknik AB, is a Swedish company and coupling manufacturer located in Mariestad, Sweden. Mann Teknik AB produces and markets products for safe and environmentally friendly handling of aggressive fluids for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Mann Teknik AB has shown a high rate of growth during the past years and is now a major player in its specialized field of operation. This is due to a determined expansion into growing markets and recognition by customers of the robust design and reliable quality of the products.

  Skangas AB

Skangas is owned by Gasum (70%) and Lyse (30%). Gasum is a Finnish expert in natural energy gases. It imports natural gas to Finland and upgrades natural energy gas. The company transmits and supplies them for energy production, industry, homes, and land and maritime transport. Lyse is a Norwegian Group, operating within the fields of electricity generation, distribution and telecommunication.

  Swedegas AB

Swedegas owns and operates the gas grid in Sweden, which extends from Dragör in Denmark to Stenungsund in Sweden. Each year, Swedegas transports energy equivalent to 15 TWh to distributors and customers with direct links. The gas grid supplies natural gas to 33 municipal areas and several combined heat and power plants. Natural gas is also used in 34,000 households and in the transport sector.