Estonian company becomes a user of Klaipeda LNG reloading station

KN (AB Klaipėdos Nafta), the operator of oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, and Eesti Gaas, one of the biggest Estonian energy companies, begin cooperation in small-scale LNG distribution business.

The companies have signed an agreement for the reservation of capacities of Klaipėda LNG reloading station, and the first LNG tank truck of Eesti Gaas was loaded at the beginning of this week.

The Estonian company has already reserved 1,500 cubic metres of KN’s LNG reloading station capacities by the end of February 2018. This week, the first LNG truck of Eesti Gaas was loaded with around 18 tons of LNG to be shipped to the company’s customers.

“We have taken another step in small-scale LNG distribution activities and, in a certain sense, have entered the Estonian market by providing customers with flexible conditions to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the LNG reloading station. As the operator of this small-scale LNG terminal, we seek that its users can effectively use the services provided by the station and, taking into account the fact that final LNG reloading station commissioning and adjustment operations will continue until the end of January, also to improve other processes”, comments Mindaugas Jusius, KN’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Eesti Gaas is very happy that Klaipeda small-scale LNG terminal has become operational and we can start to trade through Klaipeda. Additional supply points make our supplies more secure and make LNG even more attractive fuel for our clients”, - says Margus Kaasik, "Eesti Gaas" member of management board

This year, UAB LITGAS and the Polish company DUON were the first to begin providing the service of supplying LNG from KN’s LNG reloading station to users who are not connected to gas pipelines, and LNG reached the Polish market through Klaipėda.

Source and more information: KN