Evergas named its 8th multigas LNG vessel

Naming of 8th multigas LNG vessel in Houston

Evergas’ latest – and final – addition to its fleet, the 8th ‘dragon class’ 27.500 cbm multigas LNG carrier in a series of eight was successfully named the 6th of July, at Enterprise terminal in Houston.

The state-of-the-art carrier was named JS INEOS INVENTION.

The vessel bear a distinct dragon symbolizing its Chinese and Western heritage. The dragon chosen to sail and protect JS INEOS INVENTION is the King of Wood, which symbolizes leadership, flexibility, generosity and idealism. The colours represent Chinese wood, the beginning of life and fecundity.

Worlds’ largest Multigas LNG-Ethane Carriers

The ‘Dragon’ class vessels are the largest, most flexible and advanced multigas carriers built to date. Strong relations, strategic focus and an innovative approach between Evergas & INEOS have been key elements that allowed for the creation of a seaborne pipeline bringing U.S. ethane across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. They are a result of close collaboration with world-class makers with whom the development of these sustainable, efficient and highly advanced vessels were made possible.

Special guests

Guests at the ceremony included Godmother of the vessel Mrs. Kirsten Aanesen, spouse of Finn Otto Aanesen – INEOS, CEO Trading & Shipping David Thompson – INEOS, CEO Steffen Jacobsen – Evergas, members of the vessels crew, and representatives from Evergas, INEOS, Enterprise terminal and their respective business relations. 

Source and more information: Evergas