Gasum opens its first LNG station!

On the 7th November, the finish gas company Gasum has opened their first LNG gas filling station in Turku. The facility is designed for cars, commercial vehicles as well as heavy-duty road vehicles and offers LNG, CNG and biogas fueling.

Company responding for growing interest for the usage of gas as a fuel is planning to open 2 more gas stations in 2017 (Vantaa and Jyväskylä) and 35 in total over the next ten years.

The locations and completion schedule of the 16 new Gasum stations

Helsinki Metropolitan Area:
Vuosaari (LNG, heavy-duty vehicles) 8/2016
Ring Road 3, Lommila (CNG) 12/2016
Ring Road 1 (CNG) 6/2017
Ring Road 3, Petikko (CNG) 6/2017
Järvenpää (CNG) 6/2017
Ring Road 3, airport (LCNG) 9/2017

Tiiriö (CNG) 12/2016

Port (LCNG) 9/2016
Two stations (CNG) 6/2017

Three stations (LCNG and 2 CNG) 10/2017

Two stations (CNG) 12/2018

Source and more information: Gasum