LNG from Lithuania will be supplied to Poland by trucks for the first time

A natural gas supply and trading company LITGAS, part of state-controlled Lietuvos Energija energy company group, will supply LNG to Polish company DUON. For the first time LNG will be supplied by trucks from Klaipėdos Nafta’s new onshore LNG reloading station to Poland.

“The deal with DUON is important to us because it is the start of our new commercial activity – onshore LNG supply that will allow us to diversify our business. I am very glad we had concluded our first contract with DUON so fast,” – said Vytautas Čekanavičius, acting CEO at LITGAS.

“We anticipate this deal and the opening of the new onshore LNG reloading station in Klaipėda will stimulate a development of the onshore LNG supply market in Lithuania. A distance from a reloading station and a customer is a very important competitiveness factor in an onshore LNG supply and our contract with DUON proves that. LNG can become a competitive and cleaner alternative to other fuels in areas that are not covered by the gas grid in the region, particularly in an industry sector, as well as in ground transport and shipping,” – marked V. Čekanavičius.

LITGAS will supply DUON with several hundred cubic meters of LNG (equivalent to several hundred thousand cubic meters in gaseous form) during October and November. A LNG will be transported by DUON to its customers that are not connected to a gas grid by special container trucks able to hold LNG which temperature is almost minus 160 degrees.

Source and more information: Litgas