The new TT-Line Green Ship

One new TT-Line Green Ship is intended to be delivered 2022 and to start operation within TT-Line’s route network. This vessel significantly reduce more than 50% emissions in the Baltic Sea.

The most environmentally friendly RoPax ferry

The innovated dual fuel ship will be powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas). In comparison with diesel fuel, LNG emits less carbon dioxide and burns without smoke. This means very low emissions of particulate matter of around 93%. Furthermore burning LNG is almost entirely free of sulphur with 98% of reduction and produces very low emissions of nitrogen oxides (82% less). This innovative and future-oriented TT-Line Green Ship will be the most environmentally friendly RoPax ship in the TT-Line trading area.

The first sketch of the new TT-Line ferry shows a ship with large window fronts and decks for cabins, public areas and sufficient cargo lanes for cars and freight units. This advanced generation of ships is characterized by its high efficiency and flexibility. While there is a significant reduction in pollutant emissions, the travel times between the destinations can remain the same. Loading and unloading at ports will be more effective, especially for freight units.

Modern ferry experience

At the same time this ship will offer a modern travel experience for our TT-Line passengers in combining comfort with the best environmentally friendly transport solution. The design of the public areas will meet the expectations of the guests in terms of entertainment and relaxation.

The new TT-Line vessel builds on the successful Green Ship concept of the company and is designed to carry 800 passengers and more than 200 trucks and trailers. While designing the vessel, a particular emphasize was put on flexibility and fast turnaround times in ports. The order was awarded to the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu Jinling with an option for one further vessel.

Advanced technology: LNG as fuel

TT-Line will set a new standard in terms of cutting harmful emissions by choosing LNG as a fuel for the innovative TT-Line Green Ship. This vessel will have a length of 230 m and a breadth of 31 m.

Delivery: expected 2022
Shipyard: Jiangsu Jinling, China



Desk capacity: planned for > 200 trucks 

Passengers: 800


Technical Data:

Year of construction: planned for 2022

Overall length: 230 m

Beam: 31 m

Source and more information: TT line