Unique Danish LNG cooperation on green energy for Scandinavian shipping

The energy company Nature Energy became a partner in cooperation on LNG plant, which in 2018 will be established near the port of Frederikshavn. Partenr projects are  Bunker Holding Group, Kosan Crisplant and Frederikshavn Harbour. Nature Energy will supply biogas to the plant.

Bunker Holding, the world's second largest bunker company and Kosan Crisplant which is a major supplier of equipment for infrastructure and facilities for the management of gas, in February 2016 set up a collaboration on LNG project in Frederikshavn Havn. More than 100,000 ships each year passes the Skagen, making Frederikshavn Harbour for an optimal location for the new Liquefaction plant.

Nature Energy decided to join the unique partnership that has been named Nordic Liquefaction (Nordliq). The company has many years of experience in sales and distribution of natural gas to Danish business and residential customers and in recent years has also distinguished itself as a leader in the production of Danish biogas. The design of the facility is planned for 2017 and start operations by the end of 2018.

Bunker Holding is the world's second largest bunker company with 43 subsidiaries represented in 27 countries and more than 700 employees. The company specializes in the purchase, sale and supply of fuel for ships throughout the world.

Kosan Crisplant A / S is the world leading supplier of equipment for infrastructure and facilities associated with the production and handling of gas. The company has positioned itself as a major supplier of innovative solutions including a unique and fully automated emission-free plants for the bunkering of LNG ships and a scalable liquefaction plant.

Frederikshavn Harbour has in recent years launched a number of innovative projects with pivotal in green energy solutions for shipping, transport and waste treatment. The new LNG cooperation will be an important piece of the action.

Nature Energy delivers daily gas to residential and business customers throughout the country. Nature Energy wants to contribute actively to the green transition and to provide efficient and sustainable solutions for everyday life. Therefore behave company include These years biogas plants across the country and establish partnerships that can ensure green solutions include waste treatment, heating and gas for transportation.

Source and more information: Nature Energy