BSR LNG Competence Center


This network of educational institutions has been established to mobilise the infrastructure of science and research studies in the Baltic Sea countries, to promote LNG study programmes, to develop training and research, and to increase the availability of knowledge about LNG technology among business representatives, developers and the implementers of energy and environmental policies. The BSR LNG Competence Centre will develop a model of interinstitutional cooperation that will enable the development of the joint projects and services required for the LNG sector.

Founders of BSR LNG Competence Centre



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Service package

Baltic Sea Region LNG Competence Centre Scope of the service package


Training material

Contribute to the safe operation of a ship subject to the IGF Code
Take precautions to prevent hazards on a ship subject to IGF code
Apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures
Carry out firefighting operations on a ship subject to the IGF code
Respond to emergencies
MB1_Contribute to the safe
MB2_Take precautions
MB4 Firefighting